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Choosing the appropriate product is crucial in the success of your projects. Factors to consider in determining the right decision are the cost, quality and reliability of a particular product.

Our products,  supported by a continuous comprehensive research and development by our world-class partners, combined with our strict compliance with local and international standards,  are assured to provide excellent and reliable quality.

CHOOSE RTerra PRODUCTS. We provide wide variety of high performance products to address the needs for civil, geotechnical and mining projects.

Our Products


Gabions and mattresses are fabricated boxes, manufactured using mechanically woven double twisted hexagonal shaped wire meshes. Mechanically woven double twisted wire meshes are non-ravelling; and manufactured by twisting continuous pairs of wires through three one-half turns (commonly called double twisted/triple twisted) to form 


Rockfall Barrier is a system designed to intercept falling rocks. The barrier system is specially fabricated with base plate connecting to the main post. It is suitable for placement on loose soil (with an adequately designed foundation), rock slope, and over a reinforced concrete wall.


Reinforced Rock Net is the new woven composite made up of Galvanized steel wire mesh and Steel wire rope inserted longitudinally at specific distances during hexagonal double twisted wire mesh production. This product is suitable for applications of Rockfall protection as individually or along with Galvanized Steel Wire Ropenet (GSWR).


Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (GSWR) is a patented system jointly developed by Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. and Konkan Railway Corporation Limited. GSWR is made of high strength galvanized steel wire ropes having a minimum breaking strength of 4.5 tons.  The intersections of the vertical and horizontal chords of the GSWR have a tucked joint fixed with specially designed clamps. 


Geotextiles are used to filter, stabilize, reinforce, separate, drain and isolate soils in a variety of civil/geotechnical construction applications. In many cases, geotextiles replace or reduce the need to use of natural aggregate construction materials providing both economic and environmental benefits.


TerraNet  is coconut coir fibre-based material made into nets and acts as bioengineering materials for controlling soil erosion and slope erosion stabilization. It is placed in sloping lands and embankments to hold the vulnerable soil and permit vegetative growth to control surface erosion and conserve the productivity of soil.

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