Geogrids are made of woven by high strength polymer polyester (PET) yarns as per desired mesh   sizes   and strength   from    20kN/m   to   800kN/m (biaxial   type),   40-30kN/m   to 600 400kN/m (uniaxialtype). Woven PET Geogrid is created through interlacing, usually at right angles, two or more yarns or filaments. Exterior of PET Geogrid is coated with polymer or non-toxic substance material for UV, acid and alkali resistance and prevents the bio-decomposition.

PET Geogrid is widely introduced to the various fields of civil engineering, transportation engineering, and environment issues. Steep slopes, retaining earth walls,  embankments, abutments and piers are typical reinforced applications where geogrids are used. The  resulting  grid  structure possesses  large  openings  that  enhance  interaction  with  filling material.

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